Herbert Beck - Beck Selbstbildnis (1953)

I saw this painting today (2020-08-03) and I really like the look of it. I love the idea of the death of personkind, the end of humans as we know it. The thing behind the man who is Herbert Beck is a mushroom cloud.

Imaging seeing an explosion going off in the distance, knowing that the end is soon to come. The end of you is soon to come. You will die and no one will care as World War III will be at its start. Death to millions. A nuclear holocaust has started. You cannot run, you cannot hide, you cannot stop it, you cannot stop your death.

Don't you just love it? The idea of armageddon for all living beings. Underground, the politician that wrote your death will be waiting, just waiting for when it is safe to return, knowing full-well that the earth has been polluted full of radiation and will not be safe. They will slowly die out, one by one, if not, then they will be hunted like wild animals by their memory of all of the millions of men, woman, and children they sent to the slaughter all because of their pride in not backing down.

It's amazing to think that people have managed to do such amazing things in their time on earth, but very little of it was spent becoming a brotherhood of man. Humans will not die out because of of anything else but other humans.