(1981-04-09 - 1999-04-20)

I wanted to use this page as a way to say how much i miss Eric harris, a
young man who was taken from the earth too soon. I know that one I die one
day, I will be met at the gates of heaven by my love Eric.

I have had offers from boys asking if wanted to be their girlfriend, but I
ALWAYSA say no, as I know that one day, when I am in Heaven, I shell be with Eric

Although we never met, I know that we could have been one.

People say that I'm "sick" for being in love with a "killer", Eric was no
killer, he was a confused young man who could have been great, but people
around him stopped him from becoing something wortthwhile.

Theres not a day that goes by that I don't think baout Eric, his deep
eyes, his smile, everything about him makes me sooo happy.

Until we meet, my love

I Am Mensogo