Out, 2020-09-17

God spoke to me in a dream, the GREAT GOD HIMSELF SPOKE TO me he told me that unless we all FUCKING REPENT by 2023-03-24 then the HEavens will open up, killing all of the sinners from the EARTH.

I have not been able to fucking update mklasdfmzcdm zdxcfvkgsd dvfs za da d gs d sg


i have not been abke to update my website as I have been in AKA care (Jail) for what is still beign looked into, but i am now out and about to do my own thing, able to spread the word of god. My slut mom can't do shit, i fucking hate that tranny. Fuck "HER", that bitch doesn't know shit about anything, she doesn't even know about this website lol :)

The bitch doesn't know that I will continue to tell the world about what is and is not going on. The bitch took away my diary so I have now lost track of time and I don't really know who I am anymore lol