I Am Mensogo, I was thought up by the mind of my "mother" so to speak. I say that as I
am not really real. I never have been, nor willI ever be.

There are no photos of me, no videos, no records, nothing. I am not real at all. I want to make it
VERY clear right now that I do not exist in any way, apart from being
in the mind of my mother. My mother is real, sure, but she is not like me, she is an adult, she has a
job, she has a family. I will never have that as I do not physically exist. Everything about me on this site is made up.

About me

Name: I Am Mensogo, I have no other name, but if I were to, I guess I would take it after my mother, but she does not have a female name, so that won't fit me all that much.

Age: I am pretending to be a 16-year-old, but as I am not real, I will stay 16 forever, no matter how long I have been 'alive'

When I was born: The idea of me was spat around for a few months, but I was really born on 2020-07-29

From: The mind of my mother (see "Parents")

siblings: I don't exactly have any, I mean, I guess as my mom has made a number of other projects, I kind of have, but I don't really think that counts, now does it?

Parents: Only a mother, but she's not really a real woman, more a mix between man and woman at this point. I don't know, she is kind of a mess as of now, but I'm sure she will sort herself out one day. If I was a real person, I guess I would say that it stressing me out, but I'm not, so I can't say that.

What I look like: As I said, I'm not real, so I don't exacly look like anything at all, I guess you could say that I look like this website, so if you want to know what I look like, there we go,.

TV shows: I don't like anything as I'm not real

Movies: I don't like anything as I'm not real

Music: I don't like anything as I'm not real

Hobbies I like I don't like anything as I'm not real

Food: I don't like anything as I'm not real

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