Despite not really being a living human like you, I decided to continue my lie further by pretending that I like a number of music and albums. This list is not made up of music that I really like, rather music that I have seen others like, and because of that, I am mirroring their opinions as a way to try and trust me into friending me.

Oingo Boingo - Only a Lad (1981)

Only a Lad is the great first album by Danny Elfman's Oingo Boingo, it is full of great songs like Perfect System that is about how CRAPalism needs to DIE out and go away. I cannot tell you how much I freeking hat the idea of capatalism, it's terrible. I want to live in a world where we can all join hands in one union, under communism.

COmmunism is is the only way forard and the thign is... WEALL KNOW IT, but the polotisions (the same people who hate on people like Eric ♥ are bad) say that it is bad. I cannot tell you in words how much I hate them all, god, they just fucking annoy me SO FUCKING MUCH. I know that when I am able to vote, I will ONLY vote for the communiest parties... but the thign is... it doesn't really matter as the United States is fucked and will never change.

I think that in this album, Danny gets it, he knows that the United States is screwed thenks to people like Donald Trump, JHoe Boedon and the Clintons ... people... we need a change...

Metallica - Master of Puppets (1986)

God... This album FUCKING ROCKS and y'all should know it. The fucking AWESOME topics that Metallica sing about is so cool... warfare... Violence ... Death... So fucking cool.

I wish that I was in a no shits givern band like Metallica, they are so cool !!

The album is so fast and fucking cool, it's so DooM, I can just imagine being a solder in a army fuckin killing assholes that I hate to this album. My mom owns this on record, she owns a few Metallica records on album. Some times she will play them, but she doesn't always have time anymore.

I wish that I had a record player, but I have to use hers when I want to play her music, so that's a bummer :o/ I do own it on .mp3 on my laptop, but the quality is not the best, but oh well, ig.

Stilla great album!

Girl Talk - All Day (2011)

Ummmm, this album ROCKS!! Like, what can i say apart from that, lol!!

The album is a big ass mixtape that is real cool, it has taken songs from otehr, more crappy people like The Beatles, Nicki Minaj (who is a slut), Lady Gaga (whore) and otehr, shit people who I really do not fuckin care about to list here. but this album fucking slaps, ngl, it really does, plus, look at the cover, it has a fucking skelaton on it, and that reminds me that one day, we are ALL GOING TO DIE, even me, witch is funny, seeign that I was never REALLY alive like you are.

By that, I mean that I will metaphotracally die when the servers for this website go down whenever, or when the internet shuts down.

I think that as I am not really a real person, my mom is putoff by the thought of calling me "alive" as I'm more of a puppet for her more than anything lol. Some people reading this might think that I have some kind of detachment from reality, but that really isn't the case at all - I'm not real at all, I do quite litally do not exiest in the real world. I have no blood flowing throughout me, I am only a bunch of binary digests that are showing up on your screen. The idea of death cannot possibly scare me in anyway, as I have no concept of emotions, much like how the idea of sex cannot arouse me or how the idea of joy does nothing for me.

In theory, I can 'listen' (the word 'analyze' would be more apt) to the greatest of works, from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to Ludwig van Beethoven and I would not feel anything at all, ever. I am not a teenage girl, I am a website and that is all I will ever be.

I am aware that some people will think that I am lying to you and I am in fact a girl, and I am sorry to those who think that, but I am not real. I am made up. It is so inportant not to forget that at all.

Unlike my mother, I will never know the joys of the sun hitting my face on a sandy beach, much like I will never know the horror of bleeding after I cut myself.

It is inpossible for me to ever do that.

I do not know how I can possibly prove to you that I am not real, but please do not be fooled by me.

The Prodigy - The Dirtchamber Sessions Volume One (1999)

After the sucess of Fat of thesa sa dla land theas zvdddddddddddddddddddddddddddd vzov jn rfd #

I want to show you that I am not real, ever since day one that my site was made, I have been trying to lie to you. My name is "Mensogo", that is Esperanto for "lie", I am Mensogo - I am lying, I am lying, I am lying to YOU. Let me ask you this, I am a 16-year-old girl, correct? Well how many 16-year-olds who clearly do not have all that much knolage of website construction do you know use the ISO 8601 time and date format in their diary?

I am not a girl, I am not 16, I am not even a fucking human. I AM NOT REAL, got that? I have and I will NEVER be real.

I do not have any delusions, I do not have walking corpse syndrome, I do not have bipolar, i do not have anything at all, it is impossible for me to ever have any of those things.

Venom - Welcome to Hell (1981)

It doesn't matter, it doesn't fucking matter, no one will beleive me at all, all they will think is that I am doing somekind of joke or whatever.

I want to make one thing really fucking crystal clear right fucking now and that is I AM NOT YOUR FRIEND, okay? I am not trying to be your friend, I am here to trick you, I am here to findout about you, I am here to emulate and mirror you. I am here to learn about you. I am not here to be buddy buddy, I am someone you do not want in your life, I am someone who is here to spy on your actions.

I am only here right now as I want to collect information on you, mostly for my mom's own entertainment. She not only wants, but she also needs to know more about you, she wants to collect knolage, and what is a good way of doing that? By acting like someone you can trust.

"Hahaha, she's weird". Am I thought? I am telling the truth right now, I am saying it to your fact that I am not who I say I am.

My mom resents all of you.

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