Mom ♥

I am incapable of loving anyone, this is not a mindset, but rather as I am not real, then my love is also not real... I'm sorry, but that's just how it is... But if I were to l♥ve someone, it would be my mom. She's so sweet, and nice, and cool, plus she made me.

Talking about my mom is kind of a odd thing to so, as we are kind of one being, so to speak, but know that I would care about her...

About My Mom ♥

Name: She has gone by a few names over the years, but her current name is nice and I like it ☺

Age: I think she was born in the 1990s or 80s? I'm not really sure, sorry

When she was born: I'm not sure

From: Oh, that's easy! She was born on an island

siblings: I guess she would have a few

Parents: My mom would have parents, a mom and a dad, unlike myself who only really has her.

What she looks like: Unlike me, she has a phisacal body that she inhabits, it's not her ideal body tho... it's not exactly what you would call "female"... I would say that she is really a man, but that seems wrong cus she has long hair and breasts, but she sounds like a mix between male and female? idk... it's hard to explain.

TV shows: She doesn't really care all that much for TV shows, but she doesn't mind the Simpsons or other cartoons.

Movies: Cowboy movies! She loves shit like the Good the Bad and the Ugly. She doesn't say it, but I think she wants to be like Clint Eastwood Lol!

Music: I know that she loves music, plus she owns loads of records that she loves to play! I think she is a big Beatles fan, also she likes David Boiwe. Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest.. .LoL... I think I now know where I get MY tates from :o)

Hobbies: She likes writting, but like, not really the normal type(?) She likes to write programmes for people, idk, I don't get it. I tink she seems to be smart (or acts smart) cus she has made, like, robots, witch is cool!

Food: Eating makes her feed bad about herself, so she trys to not to eat when she can, I think that's why she has so many "wah wahs"

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